It is an acrylonitrile fiber developed in the 70s specifically for outdoor use.
The “mass dyeing” process consists in incorporating the color pigments at the origin.
Spinning therefore takes place starting from an already colored fiber.
The colors on the yarn and subsequently on the fabric are particularly bright and resist sun exposure over time.
Tests according to EN ISO B 104 give excellent results as well as experience in the field after years and years of exposure.
The colors are like the first day and the wide range of colors allows the most refined and creative designer to create the best combinations according to the stylistic needs of the moment.


Made in Italy

It has always been and continues to be the primary objective, pursued with the search for ever more performing materials (fibers and finishes) for heavy OUTDOOR use. The very different climatic situations in the various parts of the world, the aggressiveness of atmospheric agents in general and of UV rays in particular, have naturally selected the range of fabrics that can be used, requiring constant research and testing of new fibers suitable for heavy use. TB uses in its OUTDOOR fabrics exclusively mass-dyed acrylic fibers which are the only ones specifically designed for this purpose and which for more than 30 years have proven to be the best performing. This is due to the special mass dyeing process which consists in the addition of colored pigments already in the chemical production process and not subsequently. So the fabrics are the best for sun protection (garden and beach umbrellas, curtains, covers), for outdoor furniture (coverings for garden furniture, sofas) and for boating (covers, cushions for boats cruise and pleasure boats).