Quality and Fashion

Two simple words that contain the essence of the fabrics of the Tessitura di Borgomanero.
The refinement of the designs, the variety of colors, which well represent the characteristics and the Italian spirit, make our fabrics suitable for all uses, sun protection, OUTDOOR INDOOR furnishings and boating.
The common matrix for all this is the specialty of the mass-dyed acrylic fiber which has demonstrated its unrivaled superiority over other commonly used fibers over decades of use.
The colors are as bright as on the first day.


Tessitura di Borgomanero was born immediately after the war, starting the production of fabrics for rain umbrellas and garden umbrellas and quickly becoming a leader in this market.
The advent of synthetic fibers pushes the company to experiment with its use for sun protection fabrics, taking advantage of the excellent chemical-physical characteristics of the fiber, much more resistant than the cotton that was used up to that time.
Economic growth, with a greater focus on leisure time, tourism, the development of increasingly better equipped beaches and the climatic and sun exposure conditions of our country mean that the demand for increasingly high-performance fabrics grows tremendously, forcing companies manufacturers to seek ever greater qualitative solutions, both as regards the fibers used in the fabrics and their finishing treatments.
And so, with the support of first-rate chemical companies such as, first the Italian Montefibre then the German DOLAN, specific fibers that our company begins to use with growing success and customer satisfaction, initially in the sun protection sector (umbrellas garden and beach) and subsequently in the nautical and OUTDOOR garden furniture, which today represents a sector in marked development.
The excellent quality, as well as the Italian style, ensure that the company is able to establish itself on the various markets by competing with other companies already present.


In addition to having quality as the first objective, Tessitura di Borgomanero has always concentrated its efforts to provide an excellent service to customers.
The particularly flexible company structure thanks to the machinery and the commitment of its staff, allows us to respond to the ever-increasing demands of customers both in terms of speed and precision of deliveries and the customization of fabrics according to the tastes and needs of the moment.
The innovation and the continuous stylistic research, as well as the excellent service, have allowed Tessitura di Borgomanero to become a serious and reliable partner for all its customers with whom it has continued to maintain business relationships for many years.
The capillary commercial network in continuous development also makes it possible to face new markets that globalization has made accessible, interpreting their trends and stylistic needs.


Made in Italy

It has always been and continues to be the primary objective, pursued with the search for ever more performing materials (fibers and finishes) for heavy OUTDOOR use.
The very different climatic situations in the various parts of the world, the aggressiveness of atmospheric agents in general and of UV rays in particular, have naturally selected the range of fabrics that can be used, requiring constant research and testing of new fibers suitable for heavy use.
Tessitura di Borgomanero uses only mass-dyed acrylic fibers in its OUTDOOR fabrics which are the only ones specifically designed for this purpose and which for more than 30 years have proven to be the best performing.
This is due to the special mass dyeing process which consists in the addition of colored pigments already in the chemical production process and not subsequently.
So the fabrics are the best for sun protection (garden and beach umbrellas, curtains, covers), for outdoor furniture (coverings for garden furniture, sofas) and for boating (covers, cushions for boats cruise and pleasure boats).